Pathways into Football @ Leigh Genesis F.C...

Pathways into Football @ Leigh Genesis F.C...

By Joshua smith
25 April
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Have an interest in Football? Want to play for a team? Heres all you need to know...

Leigh Genesis FC Soccer Schools

Our philosophy and methodology underpins everything we do at Soccer School. We have set principles and methods which we believe in and these never change regardless of the session,

First and foremost, is how we provide development? How we individualise each child that joins, but it is about providing a stimulating and challenging environment for the kids to improve their unique footballing abilities, and to help them with their social skills outside the pitch.

We specialise at honing in on their attributes these include technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social requirements of the child. We believe being good with afootball is only a very small part of the full development process and so we adhere to the attributes mentioned – a child may have refined techniques but without a work ethic or game understanding their progression will be limited.

At our Soccer Schoolwe aim to deliver sessions which are visually stimulating to the parents and children alike – kicking a ball in a net is what all kids want to do! But at our soccer school we place into each session methods, structure, accountability, science of the game, discipline, and the most important aspect we inject into our training sessions is FUN without this children will not learn or take away the message we are trying to instil.

We tailor all of our football sessions to the individual, catering for their specific learning styles, ability and areas of development. In short, we run a group soccer session that, every child can understand and embrace without fear of failure, all our children are equal.

Such is the success of our programme we now deliver 3 Soccer school sessions:

Boys 4-6 years Saturdays 10.00-11.00 £3 per session current numbers 12-15
Established for over 15 years with Manager Steve Hilton and Archie Ellam
Boys 7-11 years Wednesdays 18.00-19.00 £4 per session current numbers 15-20
Established for 5 years with Manager Craig Dean and Paul Sargent
Girls 4-11 years 18.00-19.00 £3 per session current numbers 10-12
Established for over 3 years now with Manager Amanda Wills and Martin Smallwood
All sessions are extremely popular and are a pathway into existing Leigh Genesis teams
For further information please contact Rob Atherton on 07847 898343

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